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Mechanical Piping Components

Cast Fittings.jpg
Grooved Fittings
SJ - End all fittings.PNG
End-All Fitting
SJ - 723 Saddle-Let.PNG
Mechanical Tees.jpg
Mechanical Tee
SJ - C-7 Outlet Coupling.PNG
Outlet Coupling
SJ - Female threaded outlet fitting.PNG
Female Threaded Outlet Fittings
SJ - G28 Hinged Lever Coupling.PNG
Hinged Lever Coupling
Top Beam Camp.jpg
Top Beam Clamp
SJ - 7160T Transition Cap.PNG
Transition Cap
SJ - Sprinkler Hub.PNG
Sprinkler Hubs
Flange Adapters.jpg
Flange Adapters
Ring Joint Couplings.jpg
Ring Joint Couplings

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Fittings.jpg
Stainless Steel Couplings.jpg
Mechanical Tee
Stainless Steel Mechanical Tees.jpg
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve.jpg
Stainless Steel Ball Valve.jpg
Stainless Steel Flange Adapter.jpg
Flange Adapters
550H Lubricant.jpg

Shurjoint 550H 


nsf approved_edited.png
fbc compatible.jpg

Shurjoint 550H Lubricant is essential for proper gasket installation.
It is NSF 61 approved for potable water use.

Roll groove machine.png

Roll Grooving Machine

Portable Grooving Machine

Portable groove machine.PNG

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